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I just noticed in my previous post that I said Cluster Chaos took 6 months. Actually, looking at the logs here, I see it is more like a year. Well maybe 10 months. Depends how you count. A year sounds better though, don't you think?

So Cluster Chaos is out. It is much better to play if you have a GamerSafe account. Please enjoy safely.

Next game is Cluster Chaos !

2010-02-02 19:54:27 by RaptorRex

I hope to release my next game on Feb 28. It's a big one. In the tradition of the old space fighters. You fly into battle with your mothership and together you conquer a star cluster.

It was 6 months in the making. I hope you try it out.

I setup a website where you can see the trailer: http://clusterchaos.com/. The game in Cluster Chaos. If you want to try it on release day, sign up for the mailer.

Next game is Cluster Chaos !